“...the Caribbean is not a common archipelago, but a meta-archipelago...and as meta-archipelago it has the virtue of having neither a boundary nor a center. Thus the Caribbean flows outward past the limits of its own sea with a vengeance and...may be found on the outskirts of Bombay, near the murmuring shores of Gambia...at a Balinese Temple, in an old Bristol pub...in a windmill beside the Zuider Zee, at a cafe in a barrio of Manhattan...”

— Antonio Benítez-Rojo, “Introduction,” The Repeating Island: The Caribbean and the Postmodern Perspective, 2nd ed. trans. James Maraniss, (1996; Durham and London: Duke University Press, 2001) 4.

Cultural Studies is a scholarly space that makes room for input from various theoretical traditions under an overarching concern with the effects of social power relations and a critique of the production, circulation and negotiation of meaning in everyday life. Cultural Studies is a transdisciplinary approach that allows for seemingly disparate perspectives to intersect in creative ways, to stir complex dialogues which produce eclectic, new insights. There are, however, different kinds of Cultural Studies...What concepts/theories can comprise a Caribbean Cultural Studies?

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